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Poverty reduction has been an important issue to be solved urgently that all mankind faces, receiving worldwide attention. The UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development placed "ending poverty in all forms everywhere" on the top of its 17 sustainable development goals, and set the goal of "eliminating extreme poverty by 2030". The Chinese government has also attached great importance to poverty reduction, and worked out the three-year action plan of winning the tough battle of poverty alleviation to make country's poor rural population measured by current standards get rid of poverty by 2020.

In recent years, tourism has become one of the fastest-growing and largest industries in world economy. Characterized by fast effects, low employment threshold and wide industrial relevancy, tourism is referred to as an important means of promoting economic growth and alleviating poverty. Tourism is advancing from margin to center and has transformed from an auxiliary role into a key driver in economic and social development of impoverished areas. Meanwhile, poverty reduction has become an important mission and good vision of tourism development.

Since its establishment, World Tourism Alliance (WTA) has served as an advocate for poverty reduction through tourism and taken "Promoting Poverty Reduction Through Tourism" as one of its missions. To perform its mission and social responsibility, on September 9 in 2018 WTA will host "WTA Xianghu Dialogue" in Hangzhou with the theme "Poverty Alleviation and Development-- Shared Responsibilities of World Tourism Community", to exchange experience in poverty reduction through tourism, discuss and promote the responsibility and role of tourism in poverty reduction.