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WTA Leadership Team Meeting
2nd WTA General Assembly, Session 1
1st Session of the 2nd WTA Council
2nd WTA General Assembly, Session 2
Cocktail Reception
Inaugural Ceremony of the WTA Headquarters
WTA·Xianghu Dialogue, 2022 (part 1)

Session 1: Collaboration & Cooperation—Revitalizing the Global Tourism Industry for Prosperity
Session 2: Innovation & Progress—Keeping Up with Trends in Global Tourism Industry

Night of Hangzhou Welcome Reception
WTA·Xianghu Dialogue, 2022 (part 2)

Session 3: A Comprehensive Approach—Advancing Quality Tourism Development
Session 4: Harmony & Sharing—Optimizing Tourism Destination Planning and Management

Check-out and depart from Sofitel Hangzhou Yingguan
Visit Yucun village in Anji county (a UNWTO Best Tourism Village)--folk marketplace experience and other activities.
Check-In at Longemont Hotel Taihu Old Town upon arrival
Dinner reception at Banquet Hall, Longemont Hotel Taihu Old Town
Leave for the Circus
Longemont Circus Show
Water show and fireworks display
Transfer back to hotel
Check-out and depart from hotel for Mogan Mountain Traffic Hub
Take shuttle and visit scenic spots at Mogan Mountain
Lunch at Peak Hotel
Leave for Yu Village Scenic Area
Visit Mogan Mountain Traffic History Exhibition Hall, boutique homestays and trending cafés at Yu Village Historical Town; visit Yu Village cultural market and enjoy performances of folk customs at Yu Village square