Membership of the WTA consists of institutional and individual members. Institutional members include national or regional tourism associations, influential tourism or tourism-related enterprises, tourism cities, think tanks, research institutes and media organizations of various countries. Individual members include heads of international organizations, former state leaders, retired tourism officials, heads of tourism enterprises and renowned scholars.

1. Criteria for membership

(1) Endorse the WTA Statutes;

(2) Intend to join the WTA;

(3) Hold adequate influence in the sector;

(4) Without record of misconduct or illegal criminal behavior.

2. Procedures for admission

(1) Submission of membership application. The application shall be signed by the legal representative of the applicant company or group or his/her authorized representative and stamped with the official seal (in case a representative is authorized to sign the membership application, a power of attorney stamped with the official seal of the company or the group or signed by its legal representative (person in charge) as well as the photocopy of the authorized representative's ID card/passport shall be provided at the same time);

(2) Submission of required certificates, including the photocopy of the duplicate of business license or legal person registration certificate of social groups, with the stamp of the official seal;

(3) Submission of brief introduction to the applicant (organization format, place of registration, registered capital, history, business scope, operation status and size, etc.)

(4) Discussion and approval by the WTA Council;

(5) Issuance of membership certificate with a public notice.

3. Procedures for membership examination

Upon receipt of all the application documents and materials submitted by the applicant, the Secretariat shall immediately start to check and examine its membership qualifications, including whether the applicant has provided all the required materials and satisfied the conditions for membership. If the materials submitted by the applicant are incomplete, the Secretariat reserves the right to request the applicant to submit additional materials.


1. Members' rights

(1) To elect, stand for election and vote in the WTA;

(2) To take part in the WTA activities;

(3) To access the services of the WTA;

(4) To criticize, make suggestions on and supervise the work of the WTA;

(5) To use the data and information of the industry provided by the WTA;

(6) To undertake and sponsor various WTA activities on a priority basis;

(7) To enjoy the benefits provided by the WTA;

(8) Other rights granted by the Council;

(9) Voluntary membership application, free withdrawal.

2. Members' obligations

(1) To implement the WTA resolutions;

(2) To safeguard the lawful rights and interests of the WTA;

(3) To complete the work assigned by the WTA;

(4) To pay membership dues according to the rules;

(5) To report the relevant information to the WTA and provide relevant materials.